Ryan Rosenberg

A data scientist by profession, a generalist by interest, and a sports fan by instinct. Hopefully this blog reflects all three.

24 May 2022

Some gifs

Apologies for the gap in posting. Ideally I’d like to post more frequently, but I’ve been fairly busy with travel and working on the demo …
16 Apr 2022

Some brief thoughts on round robins

Inspired by a question I was discussing with Owen Riley, I took a look at how preliminary round-robin brackets have shaken out at ACF …
31 Mar 2022

An analysis of upsets in quizbowl

Welcome to college quizbowl nationals season! One of the most exciting things about nationals is when a really crazy upset happens and …
16 Mar 2022

NBA Draft Pick Value by Draft Slot

There have been a number of times recently where I’ve wanted to look up an analysis of draft pick value by slot, and haven’t been able to …
13 Mar 2022

Mapping College Quizbowl Circuits

In college quizbowl, circuits function somewhat analogously to conferences in college athletics. They are both groups of schools …