A data scientist by profession, a generalist by interest, and a sports fan by instinct. Hopefully this blog reflects all three.

16 Feb 2022


This is a blog, or will be. I realized recently that I haven’t done much personal writing after graduating college, and I’d like to change that. What I do not mean by “personal writing,” however, is that this blog will be noodly and navel-gazing. I don’t like writing about myself and shan’t be bothered to do it.

What I can promise from this blog is occasional looks at things that interest me, probably with a chart or two to illustrate a point. These will likely not be overly technical (for one, part of my reason for doing this blog is to give me a reason to learn new things, and I will not pretend to expertise), and I hope they are accessible to people without math or computer science backgrounds.

Correspondingly, I do not plan to over-burden my posts with rigor. Sometimes I will pick a value because it seems fine, and, well, it’s a blog not a paper.

I’ve built up a long-enough list of potential blog post ideas that I feel confident launching this blog, but not enough that I want to commit to any particular cadence for posts. In all likelihood they’ll be fairly irregular and “as I feel like it,” but there are a few ways you can help get posts out faster (roughly in order from likeliest to work to least likely):

  • messaging me with a fully-written blog post
  • messaging me with a good draft for a blog that just lacks a couple graphs
  • messaging me with an idea and an offer to collaborate on a post
  • messaging me angrily asking why I’ve stopped posting
  • messaging me telling me how much you’ve loved my posts and would like more.

Comments and concerns can be addressed to ryan.rosenberg@outlook.com. I hope you enjoy this blog, and if not, I hope I enjoy it.

Happy reading,